Motorcycle rental FAQS

What should I submit to rent a motorcycle?

Driving license.

ID card or valid residence card or passport.

Credit card to be able to retain the deposit.

In case of being a foreigner, driver’s license approved in Spain and respect the seniority required by law.

All documents must be original.

What are the requirements to rent a vehicle?

You must be at least 25 years old, and the corresponding driving license in force: A1, A2, A or B. In addition, the B requires 3 years minimum.

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What is the amount of the deposit?

The amount of this deposit will be:

• € 350 for 125cc bikes

The deposit will be charged to the customer’s credit card before the vehicle is delivered and the same amount will be paid on the credit card after the return and checking of the vehicle’s condition and its accessories.

Will any extra be charged for late returns?

The client has courtesy 30 minutes to return the vehicle, from the estimated time of return. Once the courtesy time has passed, you must pay 60€ per hour (fractionable per minute).

Who pays the fuel used?

It is up to the lessee of the vehicle or contract holder to pay for the fuel used. The company will deliver the vehicle with a full fuel tank, the customer is responsible for returning it with the same fuel load. If for any reason it is not possible to return the refueled vehicle, the customer will be billed for the amount corresponding to the fuel consumed, plus a fixed charge of 6 euros plus taxes for management expenses.

Can I pick up a vehicle at any time?

The vehicle must be collected and delivered within the opening hours of the stores. However, for pickups and deliveries outside of hours, consult the charges to that effect in the general conditions of the rental.

Can children go as escorts on the motorcycle?

Yes, but with certain conditions. According to the Circulation Code in article 12: if the child is over 12 years old, the following will be fulfilled.

Always sit astride and with your feet resting on the side footrests.

Using the rear seat to the driver’s seat.

Using approved helmet.

If the child is over 7 years old and under 12 years old, all of the above will be fulfilled and, in addition: the motorcycle must be driven by his / her father, mother or legal guardian.

What does motorcycle insurance include?

Obligatory Civil Liability.

Voluntary Civil Liability.

Roadside assistance*.

* The assistance is limited to 50 km, that is, if you have a breakdown less than 50 km, the tow truck will take the vehicle to the mechanic shop that the driver indicates, however, if it exceeds these kilometers the motorcycle will be taken to the nearest shop.

What is the payment forms?

The amount corresponding to the rent and the vehicle deposit must be paid by credit card, while the remaining extras and balances that may remain pending payment will be charged in our physical stores by credit, debit or cash card.

Can I get my money back if I deliver the bike ahead of time?

No, once the rental contract has begun, the amount paid is not refundable for returning the motorcycle before the date / time agreed in the contract.

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